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Brazelton Weighs In on National Incentives Report

May 16, 2017 Jamie Pike
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Pew Charitable Trusts recently released its national assessment of economic development incentives practices, How States are Improving Tax Incentives for Jobs and Growth. KSM Location Advisors’ COO Garth Brazelton served as a formal reviewer of the report, providing unique insights based on his previous role at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and his current role in the private sector.

In the report, Pew recommends that states should take three steps to effectively evaluate their incentive programs:

  1. Make a plan. Put processes in place to regularly evaluate the results of major tax incentives.
  2. Measure the impact. Estimate the extent to which incentives successfully changed business behavior.
  3. Inform policy choices. Use evaluation findings to improve the effectiveness of tax incentives

By adhering to these practices, Pew – and Brazelton – believes policymakers can ensure that tax incentives achieve strong results for states’ budgets, businesses, and workers.

Read the complete report here.