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Tech Companies Take Top Honors at Spaces Indiana Office Design Showcase

Oct 05, 2017 Tim Cook, JD Tags: ,
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In an economy dominated by a progressive professional services workforce, it’s no surprise that the physical environments of today’s businesses are dynamic and fluid. And they have to be, because workplace culture has a direct impact on profitability. From attracting talent to engaging clients, communicating brand, and amplifying the employee experience, innovative workspaces have the ability to win markets.

To celebrate this type of innovation in Indiana, Spaces was founded in 2016. This competitive showcase of workplace design is a hub where Indiana companies show off their forward-thinking workspaces and inspire others to think deeply about the impact an office space environment has on its people and, ultimately, its success.

Last night, the 2017 Spaces showcase winners were announced and celebrated at a pretty cool space itself, The Tinker House Events in downtown Indianapolis. The Indy tech community commanded the 2017 showcase as effectively as Spaces inaugural event in 2016. Nominees this year included the likes of Aprimo, BlackInkIT, BlueSky Technology Partners, enVista, Fizziology, Fusion Alliance, Hyde Park Ventures, SEP, SmartIT, Spot, and Torchlite. But three local tech companies led the pack:


More interestingly, #alligatorblood is a core value at This poker term, referring to a player’s resilience to withstand the bad psychological bad beats of a game while continuously forging ahead, reflects’s never-give-up attitude and culture. This core value is woven into the theme of the office, featuring rooms with names such as The Bayou, The Swamp, and The Gator Pit.


Allusions to the company’s roots can also be found throughout the office. A major turning point in Mimir’s history was the decision to remain in the Midwest – specifically, Indianapolis – rather than relocate to the tech mecca of Silicon Valley. As a tribute to that milestone, Mimir created a Hoosier-themed wall on the east wall of its kitchen dedicated to all things Indiana.


Some of the most unforgettable aspects of the MOBI office are the employee amenities. Standout features include a Lego wall in the development space, a fully stocked café, and a relaxation room equipped with a smart TV, couches, bean bag chairs, and a popcorn machine.

Last night’s winners also included real estate developer Flaherty and Collins and advertising agency Bradley and Montgomery.

Congratulations to all of the 2017 Spaces winners! Central Indiana’s ability to support a competitive event of this magnitude speaks volumes about the pivotal role the office environment plays in the business of local tech and professional service firms. These companies understand that workplace innovation is about more than video games, pod desks, and keeping the fridge stocked with cold beer (although those perks certainly help); it’s about creating an environment of the future for the work being done today.