2018 Indiana Legislative Update

Tax and economic development changes and how they may affect your business.

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2018 Indiana Legislative Update

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Though 2018 was a “short session” for Indiana legislators, there was still plenty of activity worthy of attention. Among the most talked-about legislation that passed were an exemption for software-as-a-service (SaaS) from Indiana sales tax and finally legalizing the sale of carryout alcohol on Sundays.

Maybe the biggest legislative event this year, and certainly most dramatic, was the session ending before the legislature was able to adopt key provisions of federal tax reform into Indiana’s own state tax code. Gov. Holcomb has called legislators back to work in May to correct this oversight and a few other items.

The above notwithstanding, bills that were signed into law this session were many, the highlights of which are included in our annual 2018 Indiana Legislative Update. Download to learn more.

  • New software tax treatment
  • Property tax changes
  • Economic development and tax credit updates

Learn how the 2018 Indiana Legislative Session could affect your business

With every new legislative session, there are new laws, changes to existing laws, and clarifications that could affect how you run - and profit from - your business. The 2018 Indiana Legislative Update will show you how this year's session may affect your business.