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Cook Discusses Indy’s Shot at Amazon HQ2 With Xconomy

Feb 16, 2018 KSMLA Tags: , ,
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There has been no shortage of speculation about Amazon’s top 20 HQ2 finalists and which will ultimately win the heart of Jeff Bezos. Many have placed bets on cities like Austin, Toronto, and Boston due to the magical triad of workforce, office space, and economic incentives. But a few believe Indy has a real shot, including Xconomy.

There’s another city on the list … and it’s mostly being overlooked by those playing HQ2 guessing games in the media and tech industry.

Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, has a lot going for it these days, which we’ll get into more detail below. With a metro area that is home to roughly 2 million people, it’s the third-largest city in the Midwest. Covering 368 square miles, Indy is also the United States’ 16th largest city by land mass.

Tim Cook recently weighed in on Xconomy’s take, praising Indy’s aggressive efforts and its keen ability to work across party lines, while simultaneously warning that it may not be able to overcome factors like diversity.



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