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2018 Indiana Legislative Update

May 04, 2018 Tim Cook, JD Tags: , , , ,
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(Legislative) season’s greetings as we present our annual Indiana legislative update. As 2018 was a “short” session, the number of bills that ultimately passed was far fewer than those likely to be signed into law during the 2019 budget year.

That said, there was still plenty of activity worthy of attention. Maybe the biggest event this year, and certainly most dramatic, was the session ending before the legislature was able to adopt key provisions of federal tax reform into Indiana’s own state tax code. Despite the acrimony that marked this frenetic close to the session (We know, we know: Acrimony and politics, who could have guessed it?), Gov. Holcomb has called legislators back to work in May to correct this oversight and a few other items that were casualties of the clock striking 12 before legislators were able to complete their must to-do list.

The above notwithstanding, highlights from bills that were signed into law this session are included in our annual 2018 Indiana Legislative Update.


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