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Amazon HQ2 Finalists Feeling the Pressure: Culp Weighs In

Oct 26, 2018 KSMLA Tags: ,
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It’s no secret that Amazon has been on the move this month, paying follow-up visits to some – but not all – of the HQ2 finalist cities. That leaves finalists who didn’t get a visit wondering if they are no longer in the running. However, experts caution not to draw conclusions just yet.

In a Boston Globe article, KSM Location Advisors’ Katie Culp points out that one should not believe everything they hear, or do not hear, regarding the selection process:

“I’ve seen a lot of commentary in the media that it must mean these cities they visited have a leg up … I think that’s flawed.”

The company’s visit may have gone unnoticed in other cities, Culp and other observers said, or Amazon may believe it has already collected all the information it needs on some of the favorites. For instance, the company’s real estate teams have thoroughly scouted Boston as part of the company’s ongoing expansions in the Seaport District and Kendall Square. And Amazon representatives toured Suffolk Downs — the centerpiece of Boston’s bid — when they were here in March.

While there may be criticism surrounding Amazon’s selection process, there is no denying the positive impact the project would have for a city. The finalists will have to remain patient.



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