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(i) on Economic Development:
Economic Development Efforts Continue to Make Waves

Mar 11, 2019 KSMLA Tags: , , , ,
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Several high-profile economic development projects are making headlines in central Indiana. Indianapolis-based site selection firm KSM Location Advisors says efforts at the Indianapolis International Airport, as well as proposed projects such as Eleven Park and the expansion of the Indiana Convention Center and addition of two new downtown Indy hotels could have a major impact on future economic development in the region.

In the (i) on Economic Development segment on Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and President Katie Culp weighed in on those efforts and others that are making waves. Culp says the airport’s continued record numbers are incredibly impressive.

“This is a huge accomplishment and I don’t know if people who don’t work in this space every day understand what daunting challenges have to be overcome to do that,” said Culp. “You’re working with this regulated industry with airport authorities, with airlines, so the increase in passenger volume is huge and I think will pay enormous dividends for new economic development projects. One of the things on the Indy market so often has been lack of direct flights, that type of thing. This really helps elevate our stature and make us more attractive for the types of deals we want to go after.”

Cook says Rolls-Royce’s plan to expand engine production in Indianapolis if it lands a major contract with the U.S. Air Force, and the more than 150 jobs it would create, will build on the company’s already major investment in the city.

“They are such a huge employer here already and they’ve made a tremendous investment,” said Cook. “I think we want to see them parlay that and it’s great to see the city, the state, everybody getting behind that to do everything we can to win that contract.”

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