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KSM Location Advisors to Lead TrustBelt Discussions

Aug 19, 2019 KSMLA Tags: , , ,
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Katie Culp and Tim Cook have been tapped to lead and participate in TrustBelt’s Corporate & Consultants Forum, a conference that brings together corporate decision makers, site consultants, and economic development agencies who make vital location decisions for the U.S. Rust Belt region.

Culp, president of KSM Location Advisors, will moderate a panel discussion on what it takes to develop tomorrow’s workforce, how involved government should be in creating workforce development programs, and how companies can retain top talent.

“This topic is of the utmost importance,” Culp says. “Talent development is a critical economic pillar. The success of communities’ workforce development programs is key to both their futures and the futures of the companies located there.”

Cook, CEO of KSM Location Advisors, will participate in a panel discussion on what it takes for a city to successfully attract companies and encourage them to expand.

“From rapidly evolving talent development solutions to ‘the Amazon effect,’ businesses’ attraction and expansion efforts have changed dramatically in the past few years. I look forward to discussing what role city leaders at all levels – from legislators to CEOs – can play in creating a successful strategy.”

Beyond this annual forum, KSM Location Advisors regularly contributes to The TrustBelt Report, a monthly Site Selection publication that serves as a comprehensive repository of news and analysis on corporate real estate and economic development activity throughout the Midwest. Learn more at


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