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(i) on Economic Development: Boomers, Millennials, #MeToo and More

Nov 22, 2019 Tim Cook, JD Katie Culp, MBA Tags: , ,
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Between speculation about possible recession, the “multigenerational traffic jam” in many companies today, and the second anniversary of the #MeToo movement, employee and workforce issues are front and center in today’s economic development world. Katie Culp and Tim Cook recently discussed this and more with Gerry Dick on (i) on Economic Development.

According to a USA TODAY/LinkedIn survey:

As more baby boomers put off retirement, Millennials and Gen Xers are finding it harder to move up into middle- and higher-level jobs … Partly as a result, many younger workers are job-hopping as they seek bigger titles and higher pay. That’s making it tougher for companies to hold onto promising employees and hurting their businesses in some cases, the survey shows.

When asked if they believe this multigenerational traffic jam is truly affecting businesses, both Culp and Cook concede it is, and companies need to address it head-on. Culp believes having intentional conversations about how to marry the generations and leverage their strengths will result in a better understanding of work styles and personality differences.

Similarly, as the #MeToo movement celebrates its second anniversary this year, Cook and Culp believe the impact on the U.S. workforce is great – in both positive and negative ways.

Culp says, “On the pro side, it’s good we’re talking about it. You can’t come up with solutions until you do. On the con side, I run into clients and colleagues all the time who are legitimately confused about how to approach some of these issues.”

Cook concurs. “It’s tricky issue. People are very cautious about how to approach it.” But he also puts out a challenge to the c-suite in the business community: “It takes a concerted effort to say, ‘We are going to change this.’ Part of that is who you appoint to positions of power and part of it is what kind of focus you put on it as a company leader.”

Culp and Cook also discuss workforce issues such as companies’ corporate diversity and inclusion efforts, social responsibility meters, and support of their employees’ social and philanthropic efforts.

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