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Niesen Named Indiana Chamber Volunteer of the Year

Nov 11, 2019 KSMLA Tags: , ,
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Donna Niesen has been named by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as a 2019 Samuel C. Schlosser Volunteer of the Year. The award honors community leaders who give their time and expertise to the Chamber for the benefit of all Hoosier businesses.

Donna Niesen - 2019 Indiana Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year

Niesen, a multistate tax advisory partner with KSM Location Advisors, works closely with companies during the site selection and competitive bid process, assisting with state and local tax comparative analysis and review of credit applicability in complex business structures. Donna also provides a wide variety of tax consulting services in the areas of multistate sales and income taxes, business incentives, controversy services, and other state taxes. Because of her expertise, she is a “go-to” member of the Indiana Chamber Tax Policy Committee. Niesen also serves on the Commissioner’s Tax Advisory Council, established in 2017 by the Indiana Department of Revenue and designed to help shape the future of tax administration by providing input regarding agency operations, policies, and legislative proposals.

Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar says of Niesen and the other award winners, “Whether it’s helping shape public policy at the Statehouse that impacts a company’s bottom line or being a valuable resource for our staff, they have truly made a difference. Their leadership and expertise benefit all Hoosiers as we work together to accomplish the Chamber’s mission of making Indiana a place of great prosperity.”

Niesen was honored at the 2019 Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Volunteer of the Year Awards luncheon in Indianapolis.


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