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Indiana Officially Extends Property Tax Filing Deadlines

Apr 27, 2020 Chad Miller, CMI
Certified Tax Representative
Donna Niesen, CPA Tags: , , ,
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In a continued effort to respond to the economic difficulties brought on by COVID-19, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed Executive Order 20-23. The order automatically extends business personal property tax return and related compliance filings until June 15, 2020. This extended deadline applies to:

This bodes well for businesses that have not yet finalized income tax depreciation schedules. Without this deadline extension, businesses may have had to file a personal property tax return based on a depreciation schedule that would later be updated, thereby forcing those businesses to file an amended return. The extension also allows more time for businesses with abatements to file their annual abatement forms without risk of losing the abatement due to a late filing.

We continue to monitor property tax developments as they relate to COVID-19 relief initiatives and will provide updates as information becomes available. If you have questions about how these relief options apply to your specific situation, contact us.


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