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Indiana Businesses Encouraged to Apply for Manufacturing Readiness Grants

Jul 01, 2020 KSMLA Tags: , , , , , ,
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Applications for the Manufacturing Readiness Grant program are now open to Indiana manufacturers across the state.

The Manufacturing Readiness Grants, administered by the IEDC in partnership with Conexus Indiana, are a part of the $10 million Economic Activity Stabilization and Enhancement (EASE) program designed to stimulate manufacturing investments that will position Hoosier operations and the sector overall, for future growth and prosperity. Through the program, $4 million is now available to Indiana companies in the form of matching grants, encouraging operational investments for:

Indiana startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers investing in these activities may apply for a matching grant up to or equal to the amount of the qualified investment in new equipment and machinery (minimum 1:1 investment match). Funding will be awarded up to $200,000 per company, but matching grants may exceed that threshold for significant projects that will support COVID-19 response efforts. Applicants do not need to be headquartered in Indiana, but grants will be prioritized for companies that maintain their operations in Indiana. Applications will be evaluated based on the project’s overall expected impact on the company’s operations, its workforce, training and wage increases, new Hoosier jobs, and the state’s manufacturing capabilities.

Indiana companies are encouraged to submit their applications online.


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