Relocation Incentives and Advisory

How can my business earn incentives and remain compliant?

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There is a lot on the line: You cannot afford to make mistakes.

For any company serious about maximizing the impact of its site selection decision, relocation incentives are an essential part of the process. While the other economic factors driving site selection are also important, incentives can help you save big on the capital expenses that come with a major move. Realizing all of your incentives can be the difference in making the move a success for your business, stakeholders, and employees.

The process starts right at the beginning, and it does not end when you are up and running in your new space. From before you break ground to well after moving in, there are mistakes you’ll need to avoid to get all your incentive dollars.

KSM Location Advisors can help. Our whitepaper outlines the 12 mistakes that so many companies make when it comes to incentives compliance and explains how you can easily avoid them. Don’t wait—planning for success starts now.

Why KSM Location Advisors?

KSM Location Advisors has helped to secure more than $600 million in incentives for clients, and advises clients in all 48 contiguous states. Affiliated with Katz, Sapper & Miller, one of the nation’s largest accounting firms, KSM Location Advisors is the incentives compliance partner that will be with you for the long haul—no matter where your relocation takes you.

Hear From Our Clients

“The KSM Location Advisors team is first-rate. They truly understand our business and what we are trying to do as a company. Because of their experience and relationships, they provide tremendous value. They are an important advisor and strategic partner.”
-Bob Whitt, Sun King Brewing Co.

“The KSM Location Advisors compliance team is amazing…the people we work with are incredible. Always super responsive and helpful and there for us when we need them!”
-Tim Paul, Comfort Keepers

There is a lot on the line: You cannot afford to make mistakes.

If your organization is planning on moving or opening a new location, you have a lot to think about: budgets, site selection, growth plans, office culture, furnishings, vendor relationships—not to mention keeping your leadership and employees on the same page. You are probably also thinking about government incentives to help ease the monetary strain of such a big job. Incentives can save huge amounts of capital, but if you do not stay compliant, you risk losing some or all of your financial benefit. Fortunately, if you know how to recognize the most common mistakes companies make that result in lost incentives, you can avoid pitfalls that can cost you thousands—maybe even millions—of dollars. Here are 12 common compliance pitfalls that can be easily avoided.