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The Importance of Using a Site Selector

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Deciding where to move, expand, or consolidate your business is no simple task. Taxes, real estate markets, and building costs all have an impact. Supply chains and workforce availability have to be factored in, too.

But incentive programs can change the way you see the landscape. Managing risk and maximizing profits are the goal, and timing is everything. These are the factors a site selector considers when thinking about the future of your business.

An experienced site selection consultant can survey all your options and guide you to the best location and best future. Your KSM Location Advisors’ expert team will bring years of experience to bear on your site selection, and we’ll leverage our working relationships with state and local governments across the country to help get the best deals on the table. Finally, your KSM Location Advisors will make sure you understand your options and can weigh the pros and cons to make the best decision possible.

Site Selection Process

In order to understand all that goes into your decision, a benchmarking tool will help you understand how to assess your data. An optional comparative analysis is available.

  • Needs analysis. Your KSM Location Advisors team will gather information about your business and its goals.
  • Evaluate business climate at state, county, and local level. Some places are better than others for the growth and success of your business. Knowing how to bring businesses and communities together makes the process more efficient.
  • Evaluate labor availability and expense, cost of living, and taxes. Getting the right mix of talent, experience, and affordability is tough. It helps to have data experts run the numbers.
  • Optional comparative analysis. Your custom location plan is just the beginning. If two or more options seem equally attractive, comparative analysis can provide a deeper look at how your top options really stack up.
  • Incentives packages. The incentives landscape is as complex as it comes. To avoid leaving money on the table, you need a partner who can get you the most of what is available—then ensure you stay compliant to receive your full reward.

Factors to Consider in Site Selection

Finding the perfect location for your business can be the difference between struggle and success. Your KSM Location Advisors team will consider these and many other factors:

  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Tax benefits
  • Economic development incentives
  • Business climate
  • Workforce
  • Energy needs
  • Supply chain

Hear From Our Clients

“The KSM Location Advisors team is first-rate. They truly understand our business and what we are trying to do as a company. Because of their experience and relationships, they provide tremendous value. They are an important advisor and strategic partner.” -Bob Whitt, Sun King Brewing Co.