Site Selection.

If your business is engaged in any of the following activities, you may be eligible for incentives. We can help.

Capital Investment

State and local agencies offer incentives—including tax credits and cash grants—for new capital investment. We can find them for you.

Job Creation

If you’re hiring employees, you can probably grow your bottom line even more through state and local incentives and awards. We’ll show you where to look.


Relocating is a big decision. If you want to add maximum value to your business when choosing a new site, you need KSM Location Advisors’ experienced team on your side.

Employee Training

Training employees makes your business more competitive. We’ll help you qualify for incentives that can cover some of these costs.

Let’s find out what incentives you qualify for.

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Incentive Consulting and Compliance  

We’ll get a strong understanding of your business, and then use our knowledge and contacts to get you the best location and incentive package. We’ll work alongside you over the course of the project to make sure you realize all the financial benefits.

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Site Selection

The right site is out there. Our job is to help you find it. We’ll examine countless factors that might influence your location decision, and help you choose the site that best fits your company.

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Comparative Analysis

When you’ve narrowed down potential new locations to two or three options, we’ll do a comparative market analysis that takes a close look at all the variables associated with doing business at each site. Then we’ll make our best recommendations.

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