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Incentive Consulting Services


When you’re navigating the complicated world of incentives, it’s easy to leave money on the table. Getting the best corporate incentives — and staying compliant so you receive your awards — is key to maximizing your bottom line.

When you work with KSM Location Advisors, you’ll probably be surprised how efficiently we negotiate a competitive incentive package for you — and how much extra money you qualify for. But securing your incentive package is just one piece of the puzzle.

Because most corporate incentives aren’t paid up front, many companies only receive 25–50% of their business incentives. Year over year, our clients realize 97% of the incentives they qualify for. Our commitment to keeping you compliant is one of our strongest differentiators — and our consistent results have helped our clients get millions of dollars from their incentive packages. Without our team of compliance experts, there’s a good chance many of these awards would have never been realized.

Incentive Consulting

We’ll get a deep understanding of your business through our needs analysis and site selection process, which will help us negotiate your incentive package. We work closely with state and local governments to evaluate corporate tax incentives, tax credits, training grants, property tax abatements, and more. And, with your help, we’ll complete all the forms and applications, making sure they’re accurate and on time. Our team does the heavy lifting so you can spend more time and resources focusing on the other needs of your business.

We have strong, ongoing relationships with state and local governments across the nation. Our significant experience and long-term relationships mean we know what your awards should be — and if the offer isn’t what we expect, we’ll clarify and question the results until we get you every dollar possible. We’ll also compare your economic development incentives to the hundreds of other corporate incentive packages we’ve helped put together to ensure your deal is competitive.

Incentive Compliance

Bad compliance can cost your business lots of money. But we’ll put our experience and knowledge of this complicated area to work for you, making sure you get every dollar we can find. Keeping you compliant is what we do best — and you won’t find a team with a better track record of getting their clients all of their incentive benefits than KSM Location Advisors.

Since regulations are always evolving — and because they’re different in every state — it’s easy to let compliance issues slip through the cracks. But our nationwide experience and commitment to sticking with you throughout the lifecycle of your project means you’ll get maximum value from your business incentives. That includes regular check-ins to keep you on track.

Turnkey Process

With nearly $1.4 billion secured for clients — and experience advising them on business incentives in all 48 contiguous states — we’ll make sure you not only get the best corporate incentive package, but that you’re compliant for the long haul. We make this complicated process simple and understandable, which means you save time, money, and headaches.

If you want to learn more about the value we can add to your business — or how we’ve helped secure millions of dollars in business incentives for our clients — let’s start with a free consultation.


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