The right location makes all the difference.

Site Selection


If your business is considering a move, expansion, or consolidation, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You have to consider taxes, real estate, incentive programs, building costs, supply chains, and workforce availability — not to mention timing.

And you have to do it all in a way that manages risks and maximizes profits. It’s a complicated process that requires extensive knowledge and experience to get the most value — which is why you need KSM Location Advisors’ expert team of site selection consultants on your side.

Needs Analysis

We start every site selection project by gathering data about your business relocation to get a complete understanding of your needs.

Then we’ll do research, weigh the variables, and come back to you with recommendations that take into account every detail. For example: If your business uses a lot of electric power, we’ll factor in locations with competitive electricity rates. If your C-suite needs direct flights to Phoenix, we’ll make sure there’s an airport nearby. Whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution, or just opening a new office, we’ll create a custom location plan that surpasses your expectations.

Site Selection

After narrowing down locations to two or three options, we’ll provide site selection services to help you make the right decision about your new location. We’ll examine the business climate at the state, county, and local level, evaluating factors including labor availability and expense, unemployment rates, cost of living, taxes, and more. Then we’ll use our benchmarking tool to assess this data, giving you a clear picture of what each site has to offer.  

Why KSM Location Advisors?

We have long-term working relationships with state and local governments across the country, and many years’ experience working in commercial real estate. These strengths — and our affiliation with one of the nation’s biggest accounting firms — mean that nobody is more qualified to help make your business relocation successful.

If you’re ready to sit down for a free consultation, let’s get started.

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