Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Consulting

Your Complete Solution for Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

If you’re working to fund a new development project, you have many options that can help make it a reality. One of those options is tax increment financing (TIF), which captures future tax revenue created by your project to increase your rate of return.

TIF is a tool used to support and incentivize economic growth and development in specific areas — often places in need of revitalization. The future revenue captured by TIF typically comes from property taxes but can also come from sales tax, occupation taxes, or other sources.

Is My Project Right for TIF?

Many situations merit exploring TIF. Viable projects can include multifamily housing units, hotels, convention centers, office buildings, industrial parks, and more. Our team is ready to talk if you’re:

Calculating the Right Value

Our goal is to make sure everything related to your TIF situation is set up in the most efficient way possible while shepherding you through the entire process. Initially, KSM Location Advisors will work with you to determine all the details of your project, including things like square footage, site usage, income streams, and much more. Next, we can start to determine which form of TIF is right for your project, including bond financing, pay as you go, and tax rebate options. After that, we start crunching the numbers, pulling assessed values, determining capitalized interest, and putting together all the information in an understandable way so we can help you sell the municipality on your project while determining the potential value of your TIF award.

We have a deep understanding of how municipalities make decisions because of our extensive work in this space. And we know who you need on your side to get your project approved. This helps us get decisions made quickly — and in your favor — so we can keep your development moving forward.

No Unwelcome Tax Surprises

Determining the tax consequences of your TIF award is the next step, and we will structure the award in the most tax-efficient way while eliminating risk. This includes creating detailed, accurate assessments so you’ll avoid shortfalls and get the tax revenue you’re expecting. We can also run models that estimate increases in tax dollars that account for interest-rate fluctuations and other factors to make sure you’re prepared for whatever might be coming.

We know this revenue stream can be intended to last for many years, so we will make sure you’re set up, protected, and compliant for the entire duration of your project, even if it’s decades.

Work With a Leading Advisory Firm

At KSM Location Advisors, our experience helping clients successfully navigate the world of TIF is unmatched. We’ll not only assist with initial TIF funding, we’ll help you calculate your award, plan for taxes, and stay in compliance throughout the entire term of the deal.

We pride ourselves on being a complete solution for all your TIF needs. That includes being your persistent advocate with municipalities and key decision makers in addition to making sure you aren’t leaving money on the table.

Put KSM Location Advisors to work — and let us show you how we can help you make your next development project an overwhelming success.

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